Lucky Pet is launching South Africa’s first ever cat census.
We love cats, you love cats. Take part on behalf of your favourite fluffy friend.
Complete the questions and help us build an interesting and vital collection of
information on all the cats around the country. Remember, your cat counts!

Once we’ve collected all the information,
a beautifully designed infographic will be created to visually show the results. It will be available to download when the census is completed.
  • Public Info

    What area do you live in?
    What type of home do you have?
    What gender are you?
    Your Age Group?
  • Your Cats

    How many Cats do you have living in your household?
  • Your Cats

    Do you ever worry about over or under feeding your cat?
    Has anyone/your vet ever commented that your cat is over weight?
    Do you choose specific food based on your cats age?
    What were your main reasons for getting a pet?
    For companionship
    Because my children/partner wanted one
    As a working pet – i.e. cat to catch mice, guard dog
    You wanted to help abandoned pets / pet was a stray
    As a statement to fit my style and personality
  • Your Cats

    On average, how much money do you spend on your cat each month? [food, toys and accessories, vet bills etc]
    How many times a day do you feed your cat?
    What type of Cat food do you feed your cat?
    Which brand of cat food do you feed your cat
    Lucky Pet
    Vet/Pet Shop Brand
  • Your Cats

  • Meowers

    Thanks for taking part in the Surpreme Cat Census of 2012.

    Would you like to receive the results via email.
    Your name:
    Your Email:
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